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Why apartment ?

You would never preferred apartments instead of hotel ? 

No ? Why?

Check bellow several reasons why you should…


- apartments are definitely  cheaper than hotel

- no extra charge for WiFi, Electricity, Gas, TV, safe, etc...

- apartments are equipped with  high speed internet (WiFi) free of charge

- apartments  are bigger  than hotel rooms (35 – 160 m2/376 - 1722 ft2,1 - 10 per.)

- apartments have more then one room(bedrooms, living room, bathrooms, terrace)

- apartments are having fully equipped kitchen

- apartments are suitable for couples, families and groups

- apartments are great for business people coming for longer stay

- apartments are suitable for short or extended stays

- apartments are having more privacy 

- apartments are equipped with security locks and intercom systems

- apartments are creating a much more home-style and cozy atmosphere than impersonal overcrowded hotels

- lower noise from other residents and cleaning staff